Binary Releases

Filename Date OS .zip
Regress Pro 1.4.12011-08-27Windows1892K ▼
Regress Pro 1.4.02011-08-01Windows1828K ▼
Regress Pro 1.4.02011-08-01Linux1092 ▼
Regress Pro 1.3.22009-11-03Windows714K ▼
Regress Pro 1.3.22009-11-03Linux815K ▼

Source Code

The public git repository always has the latest development version between the beta releases. You can clone it with the following command:

git clone

This creates a new directory tree under Regress-Pro. Change to it and follow the usual build instructions. Use git pull to fetch updates from the (read-only) public repository. The git repository of a Regress Pro is hosted at github.

You will find below the packages of the source code in zip and tar.gz format.

Filename Date .tar.gz .zip
Regress Pro 1.4.12011-08-27358K ▼408K ▼
Regress Pro 1.4.02011-08-01359K ▼412K ▼
Regress Pro 1.3.22009-11-03351K ▼387K ▼